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Bangladesh is a densely populated country with surplus employable human resources. Consequently, Human Resource Development and Manpower exports are considered to be of special significance to Bangladesh not only to provide employment opportunities and alleviate unemployment but also to earn valuable and much-needed foreign exchange for the development of the country’s infrastructure. Mridha International Corporation is Bangladesh based company with core expertise in Human Resource Development and Manpower Export from Bangladesh. Ethical manpower export is the key the goal of the Group Proud to be of Bangladeshi origin, the group considers its responsibility towards society to be on top of its agenda along with efficient and ethical business practices.

Mridha International Corporation (MIC), the flagship company of the group is a limited company registered in the people’s republic of Bangladesh under license number RL -1108. The company primarily engages in manpower export. The company is a member of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) and Bangladesh Association for International Recruiting Agency (BAIRA).  Customer relations are of primary importance in the trade that the company is engaged in. Recognizing this, the company has exercised diligence and tight policy in the recruitment of its staff and is now staffed with capable, dynamic, experienced and devoted executives. The company is capable of mobilizing and selecting recruits as per the requirements of its overseas customers within short notice.

Mridha Travel & Tourism is primarily engaged in the business of ticketing. The company takes care of the in-house ticketing needs along with external ticketing requests. The company is also engaged in truism thereby opening up the natural beauty of Bangladesh to local foreign tourists.

The burgeoning of the middle class coupled with the high density of population in Bangladesh has resulted in a severe strain on the real estate sector in the country. Mridha International Corporation (MIC) was incorporated recognizing this tremendous potential in the sector.

The Mridha Training Center (MTC) is devoted to training keeping in mind the primary requirement of maintaining excellent customer relations.  Training of probable recruits is a must to close the gap between their present level of performance and the overseas client’s required level of performance. Adult Teaching Methods are employed where required. Training and Trade Test certificates from the center are pre-requisites for placements abroad.


Our Vision to demonstrate Bangladesh with remarkable ability in the acquisition of sophisticated and intermediate technical skills and wants to show great enterprise by volunteering to work on highly professional, technical, semi-technical and un-skilled jobs in a number of developing countries of Middle East Asia.


Our Mission is to provide self-sufficient skilled, un-skilled, qualified, and highly qualified MANPOWER to most of the developing countries to participate in our national growth with a good reputation.

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Mridha International Corporation as House of Quality Manpower Exporter has continued to build on its resources with emphasis on its quality human capital value. These we have done over the years with a view to delivering customized quality manpower resource solution to our diverse and varied industry and service sector's clients..